28.05.2022 a 18.09.2022

Botannica Tirannica – Giselle Beiguelman

Numerous plant species, many previously named by original peoples, were (re)christened with misogynist, racist, anti-Semitic and prejudiced names, creating another layer of symbolic violence against identities outside normative and hegemonic models.


05.12.21 a 10.04.22

From Letter to Word

This content enhances and juxtaposes the many fundamental questions of Jewish culture: the letters, the words, the texts, the book – a plural word open to commentary and interpretation.


05.12.21 a 29.05.22

Inquisition and New Christians in Brazil

Since the 1st century CE, there are records of the presence of Jews on the Iberian Peninsula. For centuries they lived, prospered and participated in politics and the economy, contributing to the development of the region.