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The CDM is fruit of the former Arquivo Histórico Judaico Brasileiro, an institution that collected important documents, publications and rarities from the Jewish community in Brazil for 40 years. Today, the Museu Judaico de São Paulo is responsible for the collection of documents and objects on immigrants, institutions, culture and their contribution to Brazilian society.

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A contemporary museum does not limit itself to the static exhibition of pieces, it brings the objects that compose its collection to life, allowing them to dialogue with visitors.


There are over 2,000 items cataloged that were brought over in the bags of immigrants. Among them a tallit (prayer shawl) that is over 150 years old, utensils from a concentration camp, documents, objects from religious services and daily use. Each of these pieces receives treatment in accordance with the musicological aspects and, shortly, they will tell their stories to the public.

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The Museum possesses a vast collection of thousands of items, many of them still not identified. This is how individuals interested in becoming volunteers can help in the identification of photos, documents, phonographic and audiovisual files and testimonies of oral history. Volunteers with technical and professional skills can aid in the treatment and conservation of this collection, which is an important cultural heritage for society.

Volunteering also extends to the areas of administration, promotion and maintenance of the Museu Judaico de São Paulo. 

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Individuals who serve as volunteers will participate in cultural activities organized by the Museum. 

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