From Letter to Word


05.12.21 a 10.04.22

This content enhances and juxtaposes the many fundamental questions of Jewish culture: the letters, the words, the texts, the book – a plural word open to commentary and interpretation.

In the cross section that we intend to present here, 32 contemporary Brazilian artists that use writing in their fictional and poetic universes are exhibited.

The word is inserted in the art of the 20th century through the Russian constructivists, who began to use letters and words in their in their paintings, drawings, scenarios and artist’s books. Adding linguistic connotations to their works led to the emergence of a new scene: visual happenings that intensely affected contemporary visuality.

A text or work of art is always constructed from its spaces, from its voids, from the white between the lines, from the space between the words, between the phrases, from the silence of the margins, from the solitude that encompasses the letters.

It is in this gap where nothing is said – and, therefore, everything can be said – that the edges fade and fray, a place where the poetic inscription finds its nomadic abode. In this diversity of projects and artistic trends, the artists that participate in this exhibition share a plastic universe associated with text. At their heart, however, they possess a vastness of geographic coordinates and the need to invent, interrogate, develop a new thought and word. A cross-referenced interpretation of these works will celebrate the magic that occurs in the differences of identities and cultures, in the possibility of seeing other alternatives.

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