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Sand, iron, cinderblock and cement make up a building. In order to become a Museum, however, a Museum needs a soul. And the soul of a Museum is its collection. A book, a piece of clothe… Each object tells us a story. And each story is a life, with its happy and sad moments. Brought here usually in small suitcases, as witnesses of what was left behind in the old country.
At the present time our collection is securely stored in a special location, prepared for the task, donated by one of our contributors. We have over 2,000 objects. Among them a 150-year old Talit from Italy, silverware from a concentration camp in Europe, documents, photographs, religious and daily life objects – all brought to São Paulo by immigrants.
And every day new pieces are incorporated to our collection. There is a special space reserved to perpetuate the name of your family. Please donate objects, documents, etc. and perpetuate your family name.

Take a look at some objects from our collection: