Do you believe that
a museum can help
build a more just
and plural society?

With your help, the
Museu Judaico de São Paulo can!

We invite you to participate in our programs for individuals or companies and be part of the evolution of the Museu Judaico de São Paulo (MUJ).


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Your gift directly supports educational programs for all ages, new exhibits, social programs in the museum’s neighborhood, festivals, debates, classes, and the celebration and preservation of Jewish culture in Brazil.
MUJ is profoundly grateful for its donors and sponsors and is pleased to list them here.

Join the MUJ community and be part of the present and future of the museum! Individuals can donate directly here or participate in one of our programs below. Questions? Write to our staff at

Meu MUJ “My MUJ” (release soon)

From R$200,00 per year, you and your family or friends can attend the museum as many times as you like for a period of one year using your Meu MUJ digital card.

MUJ Amigos “Friends of MUJ” (release soon)

With a gift starting at R$1.000,00 per year, you can enjoy free access to the museum, receive invitations to pre-opening events for exhibitions, catalogs and other benefits. Questions? Write to
MUJ Patronos

An alliance of individuals dedicated to culture, education and social justice – values that are both Jewish and universal – and inclined to invest continually in the transformative power of MUJ. Starting at R$50.000 per year. To schedule a conversation or receive information about MUJ Patronos, please write to or send a message via WhatsApp to (11) 98903-4017.

MUJ is very grateful for the transformative support of the companies that provide sponsorship both through direct funding and through incentive laws. The museum strives to collaborate creatively with companies on the best ways to enhance their brand.
Companies can support the annual season of MUJ or any of the museum’s special initiatives through Lei Rouanet (the federal cultural incentive law, with the reduction of income tax), PROAC-SP (the cultural incentive law of the State of São Paulo, with reduction of ICMS), or PROMAC (the cultural incentive law of the City of São Paulo, with reduction of ISS and IPTU).

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Questions? Write to or send a message via WhatsApp to (11) 98903-4017.